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Sue Leslie,

Life & Personal Development Coach - My Story


Hello, I’m Sue Leslie, a qualified life coach specialising in helping people move on from their past.

I’m originally from Canada, but I grew up in New Zealand, and have been living in Britain for the last 30 years. I live in a village near Oxford with my partner (who is the Conservator of Wytham Woods), our son, and our mad rescue cat Nellie.

I qualified with a Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP in 2012, and have been happily coaching individuals and groups ever since.


"It really has been a wonderful experience & I appreciate all your insight & help."


Prior to that, I worked in special needs teaching for a bit, having gained my secondary PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) in D&T – Food Technology & Textiles. It was my interest in pastoral matters that partly fuelled my move toward life coaching and away from education.

However, most of my employed years were spent working with and advocating for the rights of people with learning difficulties, both in Canada and the UK. It’s an eye-opening, humbling, and rewarding field to work in – and I still exchange Christmas cards with a special needs client in York twenty-odd years after I stopped being his keyworker!

And going way back, my original degree was a BA in Fine Art & English Literature. I also have a diploma in floristry – I know, what? – so, like many people nowadays, I have a really varied educational and professional background! But when I discovered life coaching, I knew I had found my niche.

I absolutely love helping people make new choices so that their future is better than their past. If you think you would like me to help you with that, do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!