*Confidence and Creativity : One-to-One

This coaching package is all about art-related confidence issues like self-esteem, procrastination, self-criticism, perfectionism, and self acceptance - through fun & practical exercises - with writing,  collage, colourful textures, doodling, stamping & more!

All tools & materials provided ~ including your very own spiral bound Art Journal.

Over the course of six hour-long sessions, we will take a look at the topics above and more - and create lots of journal pages to explore the ideas further. You will also receive info sheets and worksheets on the topics which will form the basis of the journal pages. You can schedule the six sessions weekly, fortnightly, or irregularly - whatever is convenient for you.

"I feel I've unlocked some things and started on some new paths of creative (and life) discovery."  - CL, Oxford

You will finish this programme with lots of easy to use techniques for increasing your confidence and your creativity - and a colourful, personal visual journal to keep working on long after the sessions have ended.

Topics covered will include:

- a look at your identity & beliefs about making art

- ways of dealing with low self-esteem & valuing yourself as a creative person

- how to overcome perfectionism and give yourself permission to create

- dealing with self-criticism & your inner gremlin

- letting go of limiting habits & thoughts

- understanding that you are worthy & deserving

 - practical tools for dealing with motivation & artistic procrastination

- stages of change & techniques for managing change positively

- handling criticism - steps to developing resilience

- importance of celebrating achievements

- accepting compliments graciously

- plus any other creativity issues you would like to discuss.

You will also be able to take advantage of my location on the doorstep of Wytham Woods, with two photoassignments in the woods, and a woodland meditation for you to try.

Once you have signed up for your one-to-one sessions, please get in touch with me directly so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time. Text is best 07530659316.



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