BLOG: The BIG Reason Life Coaching Really Works

The BIG Reason Life Coaching Really Works

How many times have you decided to make a change in your life, especially around times like birthdays, anniversaries, and New Year’s? Starting out with the best intentions and enthusiasms, but ending up giving up a few days or weeks or months later?

For most everybody, the truthful answer is: quite a few times! It can be hard to stick to new plans and routines no matter how well-intentioned we are. What goes wrong?

Well, it can be so tempting - and so easy - to not follow through on our plans when no one would notice whether we have actually achieved them or not.


One of the big benefits of working with a life coach is the rapid progress you can make with positive changes in your life because your coach will hold you accountable.

Of course, you will choose what you want to work on - and your coach will help you find some tools and techniques to do that - but it’s the agreement between the two of you that certain things will get done by a certain time (usually your next coaching session) that makes coaching more effective than just trying to muddle through on your own.

So the simple act of talking to someone else about your plans raises the stakes. It means that there is at least one person who knows what you have planned and could therefore ask you about it at a later date – could in fact hold you accountable.

It’s like when you say to yourself ‘I’m going running this Saturday morning’. Saturday morning arrives and it’s a bit cold, or it’s raining, or you’re too tired to get up early, or whatever - and in the end you don’t bother going running!

BUT if you had arranged to meet a friend to go running with, you would know how lame those excuses would sound. So you get up and go running with your friend - and you feel better for doing so in mind, body, and spirit. You have kept your promise to yourself.

A life coach is like a running mate – nearby whenever you need encouragement, to keep you on track, and to hear how your positive changes are making your life better and better with each step you take!