Hello, I'm Sue Leslie. Welcome to Another You!

I help people who are not happy with their life

to make new choices

so that their future is better than their past. I can help you too!




I help people who are not happy with their life

to make new choices

so that their future is better than their past.

I’ve been coaching for ten years now, and I absolutely love helping people to get past whatever is holding them back, whatever’s stopping them from living an engaged, rewarding, optimistic life.

To this end, I listen to my clients’ stories with empathy and sensitivity. I engage in transformative conversations in a safe and secure setting, I suggest resource materials, and I provide lots of written exercises – all to help you to:

  • see your life from a different perspective
  • understand what alternatives there are
  • cultivate new ways of being
  • and ultimately to create a future life fuelled by optimism and empowerment.  


"Talking to Sue is a super positive experience, highly recommended!"


If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, please email or text me in the first instance.

anotheryoulifecoaching@gmail.com     07530659316

Or check out my listing on Life Coach Directory  where you can book a free discovery call for an initial chat.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you are ready to sort out your life - to be more confident, more positive, and more hopeful - you have two ways to work with me:

1) One-to-One Personal Coaching  2) Themed Coaching Packages

1) One-to-One Personal Coaching

These are tailored individually to each and every client and usually delivered via Skype. In addition to our hour-long conversations, I will send you activities, worksheets, information, and links as needed before we meet up - and I will also give you some homework tasks afterwards to keep you on track until our next session .There are two options:

A block of 3 x 60-minute sessions or a block of 6 x 60-minute sessions + one bonus session (so 7 in total).

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2) Themed Coaching Packages 

I designed each of these packages around a specific topic, based on previous clients' needs. They consist of six hour-long sessions, at a slightly lower price than the six one-to-one sessions, but with the same mix of worksheets, activities, and information. There are six topics to choose from:

  • Get Your Life Back
  • Good Grieving
  • Exam-Busting Study Skills
  • Rewarding Relationships
  • Break Free From Your Past
  • Positive Parenting.

For more info click here .

If you have any questions about what would be the right choice for you, please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!               Get in Touch

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 "I enjoy the coaching sessions, they pass so quickly.

I like the questions, the worksheets, tasks, everything!"



So happy to announce that I have joined the International Coaching Federation!

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