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In every post, I will explore a topic or an issue that life coaching clients often want to learn about.

I will give you tips and quick exercises that you can do right away - and also some ideas and quotes for you to create Art Journal pages if you want to explore the topic further.

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 A Quick Way to Feel More COnfident

There are probably loads of things you would like to try doing, from creative self-expression to learning another language to taking up a new sport, and for all you know you might be brilliant at it! Trouble is you don’t feel confident enough to even make a start, much less achieve the competence you are capable of. And that’s a terrible waste.

If you are experiencing a lack of confidence – either about a specific situation like a presentation at work, or more as a more general, habitual way of being – it can be hard to imagine what you could do to change that. It becomes a catch-22: you think you can’t do things because you’re not confident and you’re not confident because you think  Click here to continue reading!